Destinations is locally Owned and Operated, We are very Invested in our Community

We support and are invested in charities and community activities in and around Guelph

We do the work to turn your wardrobe into cash

With staff to assist our customers in finding the best looks for their shape and body type, we help get your items sold as quickly as possible

Our Destinations Consignment Criteria

We are interested in the following:

• Ladies’ clothing, accessories, purses, jewelry, and belts in excellent condition

• Items purchased within the last 2 years

• Plus size items in excellent condition

• Clean and Laundered, no tears, runs, holes or missing or broken parts

• Designer labels and items from upscale department stores and boutiques

• We will not accept labels such as Old Navy, George, Garage, Jessica Simpson, etc.

How It Works

1. Book your appointment by emailing

2. Bring in your items freshly laundered, ironed, neatly folded or on hangers. Items must be from a smoke-free and pet free environment as smoke often cannot be removed from clothing even after dry-cleaning or laundering and dander causes allergic reactions in many people.

3. We request a minimum of 5 items in order to open an account for you and a maximum of 30 items at the contract appointment. Once you have established yourself as a consignor at Destinations, you may drop off items without an appointment to a maximum of 10 items, 2 times during the consignment period.

4. Review and sign the consignment contract which explains all of our consignment expectations.

5. We will let you know which items we believe we can sell and which items we cannot. For those we can’t sell, you can choose to leave them with us and we will donate them to various local charitable organizations as well as local refugee resettlement services or you can take them home with you.

6. Items will be evaluated and entered into our system, prepared to sell and will be on display within 2-4 business days.

7. Your items will be displayed at Destinations for up to 2 months. Items not sold after 30 days will be discounted by 25% of the appraised price. Items not sold after 45 days will be discounted by 50% of the appraised price.

8. Unsold items must be picked up at the end of your consignment period, day 60 to day 80 after your appointment. Anything not picked up after day 80 will be donated.

9. Payouts will be issued by E-transfers which will be sent on the 15th or 30th of each month. This coincides with the when contracts will end, on either the 15th or 30th of any given month. When you request your payout, you will be given the password.

10. Seasonal Schedules

Please use this as a general guide.

SPRING: January 15 to April 15

SUMMER: April 15 to July 25th

FALL: August 1st to September 30

WINTER: October 1 to January 15th


Once you have your items together, contact Destinations to book an appointment. As a general guideline please view our Seasonal Schedule for what types of clothes would be relevant for the season we are in and what’s upcoming. During your appointment, we will set up your account and you’ll be assigned a customer number which will be unique to you and protects your identity as simply a number on the sales tag.

At the appointment, we will determine which items we will take on consignment! Items that you choose to leave with us that we’re not able to consign will be donated to a not for profit charity of our choice.

Your consignment items will be logged into the system and priced and put out on the sales floor within 2-4 business days.

Consignors receive 40% of the final selling price. The final selling price may vary from the estimated selling price due to sales promotions, length of time in shop, type of item, and general competitive retail market.

Payout is issued upon request on the 15th or 30th of every month via E-Transfer. Kindly ensure the email on your account is current.