Do you offer exchanges?
Yes, within 7 days of the original purchase and with tags still attached if the item has not been damaged or worn.

Do you offer refunds?
No we do not.

What types of payment options does your store accept? 
Cash, Debit, Visa & Mastercard.

Is online purchasing available?
It will be within a few months - we are currently working to optimise the site to allow fully online orders.

Why do I have to make an appointment?
This is to help us get to know you as a consignor. More importantly, it eliminates any extra travel on your part as it not only helps you understand the potential in your wardrobe as we discuss and sort through your items together, it identifies those which cannot be displayed and either taken home with you or left with us to give to charity.

How does Consignment work and are there any limits?
Please refer to the Consignment page.