Meet Stephanie

I spent my formative years growing up in Africa. My parents were missionaries from Canada and we lived in Kenya, East Africa. I have a memory of when I was about 14 or 15, sitting on the beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean, with a childhood friend, after sorting through barrels that had arrived for the missionaries in the coastal town of Mombasa. These clothes were eaten away by salt, moths, rats, ocean air, and sea water. They had been out at sea for months, sometimes longer, and the remains were our fashion choices for the next several years. Most of the clothing had been collected by the kind and generous women from Canadian churches and ladies groups. I remember how my friend and I would talk about how it would be to have nice, trendy, fashionable clothing. We would be the envy of all those who saw us, we had fanciful dreams. Wistful childhood thinking.

Some years later, I have spent 25 years in a whole other field of retail service. And while I foraged other paths in life, that memory, has always been with me, tucked away but ever present. For it was a pivotal moment when childhood disappeared and I was suddenly very aware of the world around me and how what I wore, reflected who people thought I was, how they treated me and how I saw myself.

When this opportunity presented itself to take over the existing high-end consignment
boutique, that memory came rushing back. I was grateful for the opportunity to not only
use my 25 plus years of retail experience, but to reintroduce myself to the art of how to
make the most out of dressing well, for less.

I have lived in Africa and Asia, spent a lot of time in the Caribbean but Guelph has always been where I hang my hat and has been home for more than 27 years.

Be it new trendy pieces that don’t cost too much or reusing clothing that still has lots of life and style left in it, I’m pleased to be able to offer variety and options to curvy women, for all of us deserve to dress fashionably and affordably in curvy couture.